My custom texture uses nothing but the default cubemap.

I made a custom reflective wooden floor texture, but the problem is it wont use the cubemaps I placed around in the room. Is it possible to use real time reflections? If so, how? I’m making a map for Counter Strike: Source.

My .vmt looks like this at the moment:

Did you build the cubemap?

Sometimes people forget to build the cubemaps because it gets to obvious.

Yes, I built cubemaps. I’m thinking of using real time reflections instead, anyone know how to do this? I remember seeing something like that before, using the water reflection or something.

I have Google’d it, not much to find related to this.

You could use a wooden floor texture on a func_brush on top and tweak the alpha value of it and put a func_reflective_glass below it. This will probably cause a massive framerate hit if used on a large surface though.