My DarkRP Automatic Gun Dispencer

I saw another one of these on the forums and one on youtube and decided i had to make one my self



Meh…you said you would make one, but it uses gates, my version 2 uses expression2 and has a console screen kinda like one this other guy did.

actually that was someone else that said that, i just decided to make my own

its a nice machine, but i think you could improve it more, if u had less buttons, and indicators on the font of it, that way it would look more user friendly…

Looks pretty good, I’d love to get ideas like that to make.

Nice job.

its ok, but easy to steal, recomend adding… a dual scanner, to stop people blocking hole with props


also… with prop protect people cant press ur buttons eithout you being on the prop protect, use a seat

(if you add them to prop protect they can move/remove your props)

how come a m16 costs less than a ak47

That’s pretty good.

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what the hell at the above O_o?

Not In many RP’s