My dedicated Garry's Mod server won't show up on the internet?

My cmd say’s that it’s VAC Secured, which means it should be on the internet right?
but it’s not, only on my LAN.

Here are my settings for the ports that forwarded to make the server run.

Please help me! I plan on having an awesome server I just need to get it up! Everything else about the server is finished!

You will only be able to see it in the lan tab. Have other people try to connect to it.

I have, they all said that it didn’t respond.

Get HLSW and add your external IP to the server list, if it shows up, it’s working.

Great app too.

Don’t call me a noob, i’m still getting used to all these server things but whats hlsw? i’ve heard alot about it but what it is exactly?

Hi Did you get your server to show online? I’m currently trying to make mine show Online and I can’t find out how if you know anything can you post it here. would be great help :smiley:

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