My dedicated Rust server having problems with server list, please help :(

Dear Fellow Rust-ers!

I have followed every guide on the planet to create the server, but it seems that after a while… my server will disappear from the community list. We have a community of about 30-40 people that wants to invite more people into our server, but it’s a hit and miss. Sometimes they see the server, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, it’s view-able by one person, but not by another (at the same time). Most of them now has to connect via History, or Friends… it’s discouraging some of the players from continuing because they feel new people won’t see the populated server and come to try it out.

Could you please guide me on how I can fix the issue? I have tried both port forwarding, and DMZ-ing my internal IP. I’ve even tried +server.ip … and, and 192.168.x.x (my static internal ip)

Please help!

I would like to extend my thanks to the community in advance!

The server list only displays 200 entries, for the moment, and the active server count is well over that in both community and modded servers. The game is in alpha and limitations like this can occur.

Oh… however, I see that there are servers that are always on the list, no matter what. It seems that my server is the runt of the litter :frowning:

Could it be naming priorities? or any kind of seeding priorities that I could try to work around?

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If I was to filter the entire community list by the word “Singapore,” I would see 8-9 servers that will always be listed there. Some even have zero population and they’re still there permanently. However, mine… even at 30-40 population won’t show up sometimes.

Is there some kind of seeding or ranking system that the game uses to show the 200 servers?

Does anyone know or can help with this?