My dedicated server kept crashing even with no addons

i’ve already posted help on facepunch support but they said to post it here since they cant find a solutions

here’s a brief case on what is happening

my dedicated server (gmod scrds) would crash between 1-3hours and sometimes would not crash at all It would crash even with all addons disabled including admin system and pp

“Please do look at it”

What gamemode? Any crash errors? Any mdmps or logs?


I Do not know what caused it to crash

it will just randomly crash

how do i post the files? there is also a file in the link which i’ve posted above ^

We can’t view the ticket.

how do i post a file?

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Nvm i got it

Okay so this is the crash log without any addons just pure server with no addons-

this other crash log is when i’ve had addons in the server-

Also this is the latest mdmp file

I really could use some help :frowning:

One of your addons is crashing the server. Possibly simple-prop-protection-master?

Thanks for replying but uh i ran the server once with completey no addons just pure server and by pure i mean no admin system or prop protection mods just pure but it still crashes randomly? any explanation for that?

Alright i just ran my server without the prop protection and it is still crashing

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10 minutes after, it crashed again…

It’s very strange indeed


Anyways just an additional information

my scrds would display this before crashing
-Assertion Failed: CFileWriter <4009>
threadtools.cpp <3643> : Assertion Failed: Illegal termination of worker thread 'CFILEWRITERTHREAD"

Contact a hosting provider, they could help. Even if you’re not with them!

Contact the hosting company. Also are you sure you have all the necessary files?

Im hosting it myself on my own computer
How do i check if i have all the necessary files?

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This is the picture of my scrds crashing

Hosting a server on your machine isn’t a good idea ( IMO ) Also your better of using pastebin and showing us all of what console says. If you don’t know what you’re doing when making a server on your machine you can watch a youtube video, ( all / most make you port forward )

I’ve already googled myself ( found nothing which helps me)
There are no youtube videos which contains a solution
I have a strong computer and a strong internet in which IM PRETTY SURE i can host it

is there anyone else with a solution??

What gamemode? If you are crashing with NO addons or modifications, then you must have a server/gamemode issue.

It’s sandbox
i cant seem to find the problem either :confused:
any workaround?

Freshly reinstall your server

Alright i will try that
and tell you how it goes