My dedicated server uses different class tables

Okay, so whenever I or anyone else try’s to join my server, it get’s the well-known error of “Server Use’s Different Class Tables”. Of course I just thought “Oh look’s like it’s time for an update!”. So of-course I go to the update tool and run it, start server, same error. I wonder “Okay this is weird.”. I check the port’s, there okay. I run the Update Tool from Start>Run>C:\srcds\hldsupdatetool -command update -game garrysmod -dir C:\srcds. It run’s the tool and update’s the server from 63 to 68. I was like “There’s the problem! Must work now.” I start the server…same error. I update AGAIN and restart my computer. Start server=same error. I check my port’s AGAIN, they’re okay.

Can someone please help me? I am clueless!

P.S. Sorry for the block of text. :ohdear:


Guy’s please just say SOMETHING.

Never mind I just had to switch the server’s “dll” file’s with mine. Hurray.

All your server required was an update.

I can’t tell you how many times I updated it. It didn’t get rid of the error, it doesn’t matter now though because it work’s fine…

What .dll file?! Ive been looking every where for a way to fix this!

If you can’t do it like that do it like thsi:
Get the dll files from: YourSteamDirHere/steamapps/YourSteamUser/garrysmod/garrysmod/bin

Copy those to the orangebox/garrysmod/garrysmod/bin

Do the same for: YourSteamDirHere/steamapps/YourSteamUser/garrysmod/bin
Copy those to: orangebox/garrysmod/bin

That should work.

That’s what I did. :smile:

It’s like 10 threads down, really?

um which files do i copy?



when you update with hldsupdatetool use -verify_all in the run options

I see that someone l337k1ll4 linked my thread :smiley:
but it’s wrong it that thread, you should actually use -verify_all, not -verifyall

helpful thread :smile:


idk about the dll thing, but i just updated my server and its fixed

First off, sorry for bumping old posts, BUT THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH, I LOVE YOU.

But 3 years… why.