My default DarkRP pocket is broken

I’m currently making a DarkRP server and the default pocket is broken, as it won’t allow me to pocket anything. I had custom printers that a friend had made and I thought those were the issue since I couldn’t pocket those at first. I removed them and tried to see if I could pocket other printers that you’re able to pocket by default and it didn’t work. I then tried with guns, and still I had the same result. I don’t get any error messages or notifications telling me that “I can’t pocket this” either. I’ve tried deleting my version of DarkRP and downloading the latest version and no luck. I then thought it could be related to the blacklist in the modification master and I deleted that and replaced it with a fresh one, and still no luck. I’m even willing to pay to get this resolved, as this has been such a headache for me. Thanks in advance, -x2lift
Yikes I saw I posted this in the wrong place. Can this be moved or deleted?