My displacements wont sew, but only to certain other displacements.

Yeah, so I’m making these displacements for a beach, and I currently have a total of nine 512x512 displacements making it up. I’ve sewed six together without error, but now I’ve got three at the bottom which will sew to each other, but not the ones above them. Here are some pics:

That’s showing the two bottom one’s are sewed, but they will not sew to the ones above them. Only one of the top two are highlighted to show where the displacements split.

That’s showing how the displacements up top sew together, but the bottom ones still wont sew with them.

So, what do I do? Did I do something wrong? Should I remake the bottom ones? They’re all a power of three, if it matters.

I am pretty sure the brushes (blocks) need to be touching at one compelte side. So instead of dropping down the block that 64 units put the block side by side than use the vertex tool to drop the other side down the 64 units.

Ohhhhh. Well crap. Thanks, I’ll remember that.

Your problem can be seen in the lower left-hand window of your last picture: the base brushes the displacements are on aren’t on the same position on the Z-axis. They need to line up vertically as well as along the horizontal axes to sew.

Oh lookie, ninja’d by another AND the OP. Rate me clocks.

If you select “autosew” whilst using the paint geometry tool with both displacements selected and set the distance and radius to 1 you can force displacements to sew up, it just takes time and effort if they won’t sew in the manner yo want automatically.

A better way to make the beach is to make the flat displacement connected to a vertex edited displacement slanted at an angle, rather than two flat brushes that are slanted. Sew will also work, too, for this method. I’d post a pic, but currently I am reinstalling the SDK. Excuse me if I worded this rather poorly.

No I understand. I did that before but this is my first time being ale to start up Hammer in months and I guess I rushed.