My DoorSTool Need help

Hello facepunch, i try to make my own DoorStool, more like chaining the old DoorSTool. But anyway.

  • Instead of using Keypad and Buttons, i would like to use my Fists’s more like my Keys. But i’m currently stuck in my code… And i was wondering about if you could change this

[lua] function example_function( pl, arg1 )
print( pl:Name()…" called the example function with the argument: "…arg1 )

– Register the function with the numpad library. EDIT I want to change Numpad to Key’s etc
numpad.Register( “example_function”, example_function )

– Register the impulse with the numpad library.
numpad.OnDown( player.GetByID( 1 ), 0, “example_function”, “Pressed” ) [/lua]

But it ain’t working. If you guys not understand me, i like to be more specific. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.