My "Downloads" file is taking too much memory! Solutions?

My computer is down to about 9 GB of free space, and as i scout for things to delete, i look at my “downloads” file for garrys mod and I find that the folder is fucking HUGE!

Some of the files are larger than most of my pictures.

I really need the space taken up by these DAT files, but what do they do?
Are they important? or can i just trash them and reclaim some much needed space?


I don’t know either.
Try deleting them and see what happens.

Just delete it. If it’s needed, steam will re-extract it from the GCF.

Well, that seems like a rational idea.

I’ll delete it, run gmod, and if it dosen’t work, ill be back

I deleted the DAT files and ran Gmod fine. You DON’T need ANYTHING in your downloads file. It’s a good idea to clear yours out for some space.

I got back allitle free space, but still it was worth it.

Get a 1 Terabyte Hard Drive like me…

How much did you pay for one?

Im seeing ones for sale for about $120

Or don’t and just get what you need…not everyone needs a 1TB, plus that would take fucking AGES to de-fragment.

The download folder is for downloaded lua from servers fyi


The cache file holds that.

It just gives them random names and saves them as .DUA

Yeah, unless you defrag on a daily basis and need a crap load of storage for doing things such as video editing then go for the 1TB if not… Well lets say the last time i defragged my desktops 1tb hd it took like half the day it was terrible :\

I have 300gb. Its enough for me, since I havnt even filled 100gb in two years.