My EasyEngine car won't work...

** WAIT!!! Before you BanHammer me, I just though this was too small to be in the HELP forum! **
Now, when I build a car in Gmod using easy engine,
It doesnt budge.
heres some pics of my car:[/media]

Just the essentials (I think)

Fuel cap
gas tank
Thermo and fuel gauge
and the battery

Did you touch everything to the engine to “link” it?

Wow… Massive fail at easyengine. Next time, why don’t you actually READ the ReadMe. It’s a brand new concept and it might seems scary to you uneducated ones, but it really does help.

I did link everything to the engine. I just made the ropes invisible.
I saw the tutorial.
I did EVERYTHING it said…

So how is this a massive fail?

did you push space

when you are in the car sit down and press space or shift and press “w” to go forward

I did try Shift, but not space, I’ll try it…

YES! It worked! Thank you!

Oh lol.

Dumbass, it even says ‘Press Space to start your engine!’

That’s the point. Small questions go in that section.