My Ebony Sweetheart

Starring Samantha from Tomb Raider and my new Rochelle re-skin.
(Custom hair edit)

It amazes me that even after photoshop and " enhanced " skins Rochelle still looks frumpy

This is not Photoshop. Just in game light and edit in Gimp. And what does “frumpy” mean?

The hair looks super flat and has a massive hard edge near the top. The couple random strands that go over the asian also make no sense at all.

Last but not least - hard edged super polygonal flower.

Honestly if you make such super focused scenes as this, make sure that the parts actually look up to spec.

It’s excuseable in a larger scene, but not like this imho.

Probably the corners of her mouth being corny from the normal map, a case of double lip syndrome (again probably due to normal map) as well as the sheer amount of bumpyness in the corners of her eyes.

Oh crap. Posted the wrong version. Corrected.

I actually thing Rochelle looks better here, huh.

The only change is gaussian blur around the lip corners? I mean it looks a teenie weniee bit better but not by much to be honest.

You see! The idea is to judge the actual picture, not mess it up on purpose (increasing contrast) and then call it bad. Well done minilandstan.

they’re in the original image too

wow that failed ninjaedit

the common term for manipulating pictures is ‘photoshopping’ stop nitpicking

i don’t like the desaturated bloom but that’s a stylistic choice so i’ll let it slide. you could have smoothed out the edges of the flowers tho, that’s the first thing that really caught my eye

Please explain?

This isn’t really threadworthy tbh


That “highlights” joke points out an error in YOUR image, he didn’t add it.

It’s clearly visible in the original image, he boosted the contrast so you could clearly see the mistake.

Spent a good amount of time on the hair and skin tone (smoothing) I forgot about the flowers when I was satisfied. My bad.

Not very good.

Boring, uninteresting angle and premise. Shoddy hair editing with very little to no depth. Hair that is brighter than the rest of the hair for no apparent reason. Visible jagged edges. Flowers with a polycount and texture quality roughly in the realms of the hand of a character in Unreal Tournament '99. Grey highlights.

On the flip side, the faceposing isn’t bad. But unfortunately it’s about the only good thing.

He’s talking about the mega hard edge on the hair that’s being highlightened.

Honestly I really do recommend you start working on larger scenes and then go into detail, because frankly you’re missing a lot of very obvious errors for some reason. And to top it off all your images look the same.

Rastifan styled image - Semi nude chicks, desaturated bloom, slightly brightened, slightly desaturated, glow on everything.

Do something different, add more colours, lights that play with stuff, day time poses. Hell even include semi nude chicks but give them nice bright stuff. And make the poses larger so that you can learn where the errors start showing up in a larger picture.

Listen. There is no bloom here. No glow. This is post edit. Please don’t guess what I did. Ask me. For the rest of your criticism, sure I will try to improve.

Really? Because I see a ton of bloom and glow.