My ego and I on GM_Construct are out of ideas for a screenshot!

I never thought this would happen, I have no more ideas! Please, if you can think of anything for me to create for a screenshot I’d be greatfull because I’m out of ideas! D-:>

I ran out of ideas for Gmod about a week after i got it.

well there’s limbs and a dead alyx lying around so you still can’t possibly be out of ideas

:hurr: i jsut noticed the guy from ravenholm the blue barrel.


Just grab a terrorist model, a citizen model, the paint tool and a dark map. It’s what you usually do.

That’s why I need NEW ideas.

How hard can it be? Watch some action films or something and make some scenes from them.

Listen to music.

That’s been done over and over and over … and over.


I am. D-:>

2012 is coming out in November, make an end of the world screenshot.

I kill individuals, not EVERYBODY!

Maybe some assassin-style thing?

Hurm. Play alotta FEAR 2. Thats when I got Ideas, and then my computer broke and now I’m typing on an evil laptop.:argh:

I have all the F.E.A.R. games and I don’t play them as much as I used to.

You look sad. :[

I would have responded sooner, but I had a Double Quater Pounder with cheese, large fry and large coke.
Yes I am sad because I can’t think of anything.

Have you checked out the Challanges section of

Yeah, Fear. You could probably win those challenges considering 99% of the stuff that gets entered into them is mingebag crap. Has anyone noticed that? That most of the users in this forum could win those competitions with ease… I wonder why none of us ever enter. Lol.

We’re just about in the same boat, you and I.

Sounds like a plan.