My experience after the whipe. karma?

Before the wipe i had everything. Bp’s clan friends. A life. After the wipe all was taken from me.
It seemed my superior gun skills and raiding skills where useless. now. In fact i hadn’t used a spear in months
and i got killed by kids sounding 13. roaming around. Since i had a life i dint spam grind bp’s from the start and a few hours into it
it seemed it was already too late. It made me a better person doh for a while. I visited old friends.
Made a lot of new ones and had fun talking. And now its all gone. i cant even talk to my neighbor. why? because when i talk
you see a chat icon and like sharks smelling blood geared men keep getting closer and kill you. They don’t hear what you say or that you
are a person talking to another person. they just hear the sound and think ah hes standing still
ez headshot. Rust rewards psychopaths. In fact i start to believe the person creating this is himself a psychopath What other explanation
could there be. Research is a peaceful activity or else, if the real world was like rust all the bright minds would come from state prisons and
penitentiaries. cuz all they do there is break among many other thing barrels stab and kill each other and they gang up.
Maybe if anything that isn’t killing and pillaging would be rewarded. like research that doesnt invole gangrape in radtowns.
This game might be playable. Also turn down the head shot and wounded blood pump sound volume or give us the choice.
It sounds to damn loud and ive heard it enough … peace

i got a haircut