My experience/ + and -


With the new update:

I ran around on the office Washington server and found this other player. I asked him if he wanted to team, he accepted and we went gathering. After some time we found another player and he joined us. It was getting dark so we all decided to head north and build a home. We came across this home that looked abandoned. We all decided we would brake in and see whats inside. Once we were inside, we could tell players were living in this building. We decided to only take what we needed and repaired the wall we broke. As we were about to head out, but we heard noise outside. I ran to the first floor and started yelling “Is this your house?” (I had deleted the front door with the lock code on it) One of them replayed to me “Yes this is our home” He then tried to shoot at me threw the window with a bow. I started to say " HEY, Let us leave and we will just go away. We wont try to kill you" I had no clue if I ran out the front if they would kill me or not. They agreed because they wanted their house back. After a few seconds later I opened the door sprinting to the left. The other two followed shortly after me. We all felt kinda bad, I spoke out and said “We were sorry and repaired what we broke”. (I had put a key lock on the door) I ran over to them and told them “Here is the key to the front door” after a few we all started talking. We teamed up with them and became their neighbors. Now we are five strong, gathering like mad men and hunting like primitive cavemen.

Long story short, we started to get raided. One player logged on and ran them off. I logged on and killed two with my bow. After a short amount of time we all got raided. Everything we had is gone. Our neighbors house was taken over.

It was a lot more exciting then I explained. This is the MOST fun I have EVER had in the Rust universe.

  • Everything now has durability
  • Health of structures does not regenerate
  • Background noise is great
  • New shotgun is good
  • New blue shirt (A little tight lol)
  • Runs a lot smother for other players
  • Makes it harder to build huge forts
  • Twig homes (should be a little stronger)
  • New metal door look
  • Pink eye effect (stays on until you heal. Should dissipate after a few or wash it off in water)
  • Starter rock brakes fast ( You should be able to find more on the ground or find them when you brake stone)

Once we get some home defense its going to be harder to raid. Until then we need to be on 24/7 or your home will be destroyed or taken over.

Agree with you… There is still some work to do… but this week the new Rust became a game almost as enjoyable for me as Legacy was. We can fight, we can raid and can be raided, the stress and action are back. Durability is great as you could not build a Fortress in an hour.
Rare Item like Gun & some Blue print is sometime frustrating but it give an objective and when you find one the value of it put a stress when you carry it. Yesterday find an AK for the first time and I was like… If I use it I may lost it in a fight as you do not want to lost it… that’s part of the fun :downs: