My experience in Rust last night.

I had a fairly comical experience last night in Rust, and I want peoples opinion on it.

So yesterday right at the beginning of a night cycle im sitting in my base cooking chickens and irons, when I hear someone running around outside. I was not worried about it as im very well fortified, but when he got on the mic and told me he was very hungry and was going to die I did what every Rust player should do, dropped all my gear and ran to the front door with 2 cooked chicken for him. Me being skeptical of everyone in Rust I opened the door and dropped the chicken as quickly as possible and rightly so, just as im dropping the chicken im greeted with a shotgun blast, but the joke is on him, he missed. So obviously my next step is to gear up, running out the front door im face to face with 1 guy and I can see 2 more on the rocks behind him, firing at the first guy I retreat back into my base. Taking the stairs to the second floor and onto the roof I manage to hit the same guy a third time, but in doing so the 2 on the rocks realize they can access my base a second way from the rocks they are on and down my stairs. I retreat again into my base managing to hit both of them with at least 1 round. At this point on of them demands that I come outside, that they will not hurt me. Note: since my initial interaction telling the guy ill be right out with chicken I have said nothing to them. Upon no response from me a second guy demands that I come out or they will C4 my doors and calls to his friend to “Bring that C4 over here”. In preparation for this I grab some metal in hopes I can repair doors quicker than they can blow them. A minute or so goes by and nothing happens, at this point I know these guys are full of shit. Finally they ask me if they can have some more food and they promise to not kill me if I bring them some. I again ignore this request. At this point they demand I come outside or they will grief the doors of my base so I cannot use it. Finally I speak up and say you guys have been full of shit since you got here I dont think you guys have the resources to block me in. After a couple seconds one of them says they will be back with the resources to block me in.

So naturally at this point I make sure my front door isn’t griefable and finish my second floor so there is no access from the adjacent rocks. As well I build additional guns and Ammo.

A whole day cycle goes by and on the second morning I hear someone walking around my base. Once they realized I was home one of them speaks up and in his best nerd talking to a girl for a first time voice says “Ok we are back to lock you in your base” to which I respond in my best Walt White voice “Good, I was worried I prepared for war for nothing.” and their response, “UMMM you added an addition we have to go get more resources” and they left and I have not seen them since.

So basically my question is what was the point of all this? I get the idea of trying to extort someone by threatening to wall them in for resources but the only demand they made was for more chicken. And when you have a track record of not living up to your statements why would anyone take you seriously. Finally why would you announce that we are hear to dick over your base if you were there to do it as punishment, why not just do it?

Am I not seeing the whole picture here? Or are these guys just really bad at being bullies?

Welcome to pre-pube bullying, where the words are cheap and the actions cowardly.