My Experience since February of this year

Transition to S2 was pretty easy, since most of the things are similiar to S1, Learning them was fun to mess around, and also easy. Let’s say i was already ready somehow, but here’s my tests i did around, most of the map i made in S2 are unfinished, just like my S1 stuff, i don’t have a VR Headset, since i am more used to FPS.

My First Map in S2
Pretty basic test map, featuring a bottle spawner, a building, Eli sitting (depressed), a train wich moves, a Combine barrier, and a Moleminer Ported by me as a Test (From Fallout 76).

My 2nd Map, also a test and inspired.
This map was inspired by This Painting. and the rest was created using my creativity,

This map was a concept, the player was supposted to cut 3 Power Pylons around the map, in order to unlock a big gate, and proceed to the next sector, cutting each pylon would’ve required the player to use their mind to solve the puzzle, each one protected by combine’s, and w/ mines, using the Restored HL2 Mine, restored by myself.

[TF2] Mannhattan (Not Compiled)
This is NOT a simple porting like most people do with batch converters, this is something i put effort in making it look gorgeous and improved, i only batch converted models, and fixed some of them using my hands, i added Parallax Mapping to some surfaces, like Bricks, Wood, and Metal Roofs, Fixed Texture coordinates, by simply importing the map as a model, and converting the dummy model to map geometry, Cleaning up missing entities, and much more, the Map was supposted to be released on the HLA Workshop for SFM.

Parallax+Bump applied on a window, and his bricks, for give it the Fake 3D feeling.

a WIP DM map for S&Box, containing 95% of the content created by me, and the 5% it’s just sounds i got from different resources. Currently got tested by one of my friends i meet in a discord, who got access to the game, my map features prop_dynamics, containing looped animations, wich sadly S&Box hasn’t yet ported them properly, resulting them broken and glitchy, so for now it’s on HOLD until the problem gets fixed, otherwise these elements will get scrapped.

Detail Pratice (3 Days ago)
I decided to pratice my skills in S2, just like i did in S1, so i wanted to make something from scratch, everything you are seeing, it came out of my mind, Except the last Photo, since it’s a recreation.

Misc Fixes. (Made Around February)
Here’s other stuff i made, like fixing the HL2 Leftover enemies, and making them working, i only managed getting the Hunter, Clawscanner, Rollermine, and somehow the Gunship working properly, but only the Clawscanner seems the most complete one, and also released to the workshop, except when he dies, his loop sound doesn’t stop.

I got more stuff to show, but most of it it’s unfinished and tests, same for S1 stuff, but here’s something i made back in 2018.

[S1] Flying Front (Unreleased)
MVM Map, featuring the Cut Blimp Boss, dropping bombs over your heads! Robots come from a Cargoship, Tanks have various Path’s, and with Unique bosses.


Good job m8, maps looks Pretty

You did a great job, that’s cool!

Looks great! Flying front looks huge and like it would be fun to play ! ^^ Nice maps!

Wow, Hellworks is one of the coolest projects I have seen yet on these forums. As I was scrolling through your maps, I can see how your skills have gotten better since the maps continued to get better, more unique, and with more features. Flying Front is something I look forward to seeing more of, with the moving features paths and etc. This really makes me excited for the future of the game, and inspires me to give mapping a try. Thanks for the unique and amazing content!