My Experience with HFB Servers

Let me start by saying, I get it. I can understand that this company is managed by 1 or 2 people who probably do this part time and instead of actually taking care of their business are out with their family or friends. But really? 33.5 hours and still no server after payment.

Here’s how this started:

1/10/14 - 11:55 pm

  • Server was purchased and a confirmation email of payment was received.
  • Email states “We have received your Rust Server order and it is being provisioned now. You should be receiving an email shortly with your game server panel login details this process can take up to 24 hours, however it usually it takes a few minutes.”

1/11/14 - 9:27 am

  • After researching the company a little while I found a tweet from a customer asking when his server would be set up (2-3 hours after payment). His issue was resolved in 2 hours 47 minutes. See:
  • Decided to reply to the email/create a support ticket.
  • That states “Will the server be set up soon? ‘Usually takes a few minutes’ - Not sure if that means it is automated or not, but if you could set this up for me that would be great.”

No response for quite a while so I:

  • Posted a comment on their facebook status where another individual had his server issues taken care of (12 hours after payment). His issue was resolved in 1 hour 37 minutes. See: (most recent status post).
  • Emailed the owner/CEO of the company (
  • Waited a very long time and got frustrated since I intended to spend my Saturday setting up my server and playing around on it.

1/11/14 - 7:22 pm

  • Received a response to my support ticket, finally!!
  • Response states: “Thank you for your order and your business. Unfortunately the location that you have selected during signup is currently sold out. We are currently bringing more machines online now to add more stock to this location but this will take at least 24 hours. If you would like we can have your server setup in a different nearby location instantly instead.”

My thoughts on this:

  • Shouldn’t they have made an announcement somewhere on their website for this.
  • Shouldn’t they temporarily remove the Los Angeles location I selected?
  • Shouldn’t he set up a server at the nearest location anyway?

1/11/14 - 7:27 pm

  • 5 minutes after they sent their response I state: “Yes, please set up my server, temporarily in a california or us west location and then move my server when my location is available. Also please consider the time I have lost and update my billing date.”

1/12/14 - 9:30 am

  • 3 days / approximately 33.5 hours later, I’m posting on the Face Punch forums so that you all may know what the process is when ordering through HFB Servers. I will update you when this gets resolved and what the outcomes are, but if you’re interested in purchasing a Los Angeles server, don’t bother with this company, unless you’re going on vacation for a few days.

The same exact thing happened to me last week!

I’m also welcome to suggestions for other server providers. However, I feel like requesting a refund would be a pain. Though, it is nice that they require payment with paypal, since they have a pretty good resolution policy.

Hfb servers is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with.

Read their TOS. It’s ridiculous.

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Might want to look at what Hfb does when you try to dispute payment.

Just did. Though I think being charged for services I’ve never received is a worthy enough dispute for Paypal to issue me a refund and HFB Servers not be able to charge $150.

Our clan plays on an HFB server and we hate it. The server got DDOS’ed by a bunch of players who tried to use hacks. It took HFB 2 days to bring our server back online and now it’s unplayable due to some massive lag. 3 tickets have been submitted and no word from them yet.

maybe it’s time to move to Multiplay server?

I do recommend Multiplay servers…

I know that their live help went down … and due to some mistakes made at their internal vacation setups they had some issues during the holidays … Server came up after 3 minutes … all tickets have been resolved pretty quick … they are adding features to the cpanel … they have autmotaic update of the serverfiles…
allow mods…
No ftp access due to sercurity issues tho…

I’d like to update this for anyone who might be interested.

1/12/14 - 10:17 am

  • I decided to go with a Multiplay Game Server. Their server set up was instantaneous. As soon as I hit submit payment, I got the email stating my server was set up.
  • At this point I had two servers, and so I put in a refund request with HFB Servers.

1/12/14 - 11:16 am

  • 1 hour after submitting my refund request, and nearly 36 hours after my payment was made, my HFB Server was finally set up.
  • I received a reply to my original ticket and followed up with another cancellation request on that support ticket.

1/12/14 - 2:40 pm

  • I received a response on my cancellation/refund ticket stating my issue would be escalated to a manager.

1/13/14 - 8:39 pm

  • I received my refund and my server was cancelled.
  • This is approximately 69 hours after my initial payment.

Closing Thoughts:

HFB Servers was very slow to set up my server and respond to any support tickets. They were sold out of the location I desired, but this was unknown to me until after ordering. While delayed, the support team was very professional in dealing with my issue. I received a full refund without any additional hesitation or questions. If offered a free extension on services, I may have gone with this company and gotten a refund through Multiplay Game Servers. I cannot recommend HFB Servers to anyone at this time, because of their complete delay in handling server installations and support tickets. I am speculating, but they may just be overwhelmed with the volume of customers. They may require additional staff and may be able to address these issues some time in the future.

I would not choose to sign up with them now, but if I saw any positive reviews in the future, I may try them once more.

Some advice to HFB Servers: Please make installing servers a priority or figure a way out to automate the process like Multiplay Game Servers. Work on your support time and viewing all of the replies in a ticket before proceeding with a task.

After nothing but bad experiences with my HFB server, a friend of mine rented another server, from another company, and I’ve abandoned my HFB server.

Steer clear.

Quit HBF myself.
FPS has same problem right now… At least they a lot more open about it and admit it

This review was my last straw, I’ve also elected to cancel my server and cease any action with this company. Thanks for the reviews. :]

I had the same problem with HFB. So I canceled my order and took my business to FPS. After a couple days of no response from FPS, I went back to HFB and got a server in a few hours.

However, since then, I’ve had what I feel is shitty service.

After relaying my experiences to a friend, he rented a server from FPS without my knowledge. Three days later, he said, “Hey, I have a server.”

Let me change this.

I understand that a server shouldn’t take as long as 60+ hours to setup. But I believe your server was being setup when the oxide leak happened.

My experience goes like this.

  • Ordered the server and within 2 minutes after I’ve paid I got my server.
  • Had some problems with mods due to oxide leak.
  • They fixed it and have now a broad range of mods.
  • All of my tickets “except those during oxide leak” were answered within 5 hours.
  • The server speed is also better than other servers I’ve visited.

I recently posted in this thread just stating my intake of the reviews i’ve seen with this company. After deciding to cancel my server I submit the request and within 15 minutes, as this picture below exclaims, I was given a response and as the picture below that shows, a reward and some great customer service. So i just wanted to show my experience to perhaps not destroy this company of their name.

Within 15 minutes I was given a response and an extension of my server time for one month. I’ve been happy with the service i was given and am still going to cancel after my free month has run out. XD

I’m not trying to destroy their reputation with my post. I was just putting out my experience for others to see and use to decide upon whether or not they want to use that company. It’s nice that the owner of the company contacted you within 15 minutes. That did not occur with me and he had never gotten involved with any of my support tickets.

They took like 24 hours to set up my server, and I get occasional periods of lag, but other than that my experience using hfb has been fine.

The issue is, HFB is the lesser of many evils.

They are not great, but everyone else is worse unless you are in EU.

I’ve had a similar issue with them as well. My server was set up quick but once online it was lady and unstable. After several restarts I submitted a ticket. Got a response fairly quickly saying my server was running on faulty hardware. I was asked to back up my server and then reply with the OK to migrate to another machine. Since it was a new server I asked for the migration right away. About 10 minutes later I get a response saying that everything is OK. At that point I was in bed and didn’t see it till morning. I logged in in the morning and the server was still acting up. Submitted another ticket. Took 7 hours to get a reply. In the end the migration happened and the server is now up and running. It’s been 2 days. So far so good. Occasionally we get a hiccup lag spike but it’s barely noticeable.

I don’t have a ton of confidence in their support team but am willing to give them a chance.

Been running my server for over just 2 weeks now and i’ve had one issue. I had a mental lag spree and the rubber banding was silly. I put a ticket in and within 10 hours it got a reply but the issue was fixed so i closed it and moved on. Over all i think their prices are fair service was ok and i had no issue getting my server started up. Luck of the draw maybe but i only have positive things to say.