My experience with [Rust] so far

First of all, I’m new to the facepunch community and I’m still not sure what to think of you guys.
I heared lots of bad stuff about the mods banning in an uncontrolled manner and people being pretentious, whoring for ratings etc.
My first view shows me mostly otherwise, I just hope this thread doesn’t turn into a shitstorm of people calling me names.

To get this started, I saw the game on the day it was released on steam for the first time. Since I used play DayZ from its early stages on and I’m am a heavy fan of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, this game seemed to be very good to me.
Although it was early access, it had a good working engine unlike some other games in that stage who still struggle with game-wrecking bugs half a year after their early-access release. 20 Euros is also a very reasonable price.
Saw some gameplay video, chuckled about the caveman-themed nudity and was looking forward to play it so I bought it.
From what I know Garry Newman is also not an amateur in things of game-development since Garrysmod was and pretty much still is a success so I know it isn’t just lying around getting one update every 6 months without important content.
It took me some hours to get used to the basics but then I got them, crafted some stuff and tried playing around with the building system.
Now the third day I play this game I wanna give some feedback about it.

Now first for the negative part.
The thing that made me quit DayZ was the playerbase turning into a bunch of whiny kids which have no place in such games, hackers and wannabe-“trolls”.
After I complained that basically no one in the game was able to communicate in proper english language but able to shoot everything that moves they banned me from the forums since it’s racist to demand communication in a multiplayer game.
The same kinda people is what I encountered the last time I played Rust. I heared kids who said they were 6 years old with their mics begging for free stuff and as soon as anyone would find a weapon, which is quite easy right now, shoot anything that moves.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to play on no-PVP-servers, having in mind that you can always have someone trying to come in your base while you don’t calculate with it is adding something good to the game, but finding 3 or 4 players roam the map up and down shooting everything that moves because they have high-tier weapons (and no clothes) is frustrating and annoying.
The problem is, that people have too easy access to weapons like the automatic shotgun, the M4 and pistols. I’m sure this has been brought up often. I personally would delete those completely, or make the possibility of finding them extremely rare and focus more on “makeshift”-weapons like the hand canon. I also like to add that it’s unrealistic as hell that one is able to manufacture pistols who are that effective and looking like the ones ingame. In order to manufacture parts like those ones you find in this weapons you would need tons of high-precision tools that are even nowadays hard to get as a normal craftsman. I guess they’re just placeholders and I personally hope for more makeshift replacements.
The island looks good, I know it’s going to get bigger and better. I just want to mention that resources are always respawning in groups and always just on “hot-spots” in the middle of the island. When it gets bigger it would be great to have them spawn all over the island.

In short
-Too many kids who barely understand anything about the game or english (but weirdly, have mics)
-Too many naked M4/pistol “bandits” who just want to annoy people
-Too easy access to high tier firearms
-Too effective firearms
-Spawn of resources should be changed a bit

I know, this happens alot in other games too and the dev team can’t change anything about the playerbase themselves (or can they? I don’t even know what the game’s age rating is since it contains nudity, but no one ever cares about that anyways ). But if they know what’s in the mind of their customers they probably have an easier time making changes.

Enough of ranting, I’d also like to give some positive feedback.

I really enjoy the current look of the game. The engine was really a good choice. Sun effects are great, the darkness in the night is very good, the textures, trees and buildings look good. All animations and the items you can use are professional work, no blurry texture problems or sluggish animations (of course this is still alpha so some view-errors happen from time to time). The dev team really did a good job, since it’s a trend now to publish open alphas other developers should follow this example. Since the zombies are going to get removed, which I like very much, this is going to get a game with refreshing new mechanics (and approved old ones). The idea of having players sleep on the servers while they’re logged out is something great, I would have never thought of such a mechanism, kudos to whoever’s idea that was. I also saw pictures of possible upcoming new aggressive chicken animals. I’d love to see Rust getting its unique animal- and plant world that might even get popular wider than just in the game.

Some things I am not sure what to think of

I don’t really know what I should think of the base building system. It’s fun to build bases, it’s a good way of storaging your items and manufacturing stuff with a workbench or with your smelting oven is good but the fact that many players just build giant wodden towers and shoot everyone with their M4’s from it removes alot of realism and fun from the game again. Personally I hope players get a heigh and mass limit while building their bases. A big fort with some smaller buildings in it with several people living in it? Why the hell not. One humongous building with a buggy hidden entrance so only the builder can get in, 20 levels high with naked M4-bandits on top shooting at spawning players around it? Hell no, this isn’t Counter Strike: Naked Edition.

The mechanism of finding valuable stuff in radiated zones? Great! The stuff even respawns from time to time? Okay. Players build their giant towers near those zones, shoot everyone that comes close and farm weapons and items from there so they have no need of getting any resources anymore? “Why am I even playing this game anymore” - Is what I think when encountering with one of those guys. An hour ago I got killed by 3 naked men with grenades and M4’s in the darkness. If they attacked me with bows and hatchets, it would be reasonable but like I said before, currently it’s like Counter Strike with naked skins. Except that the party the terrorists are terrorizing are not counter-terorists but naked people who have nothing but rocks to fight back.

That would be all for now, I hope that the devs read this and can make use of it somehow, I am sure most of the stuff is already known anyways.

you whine and told us u played dayz from beginning, mb u like one of this kids? u know about workin on zombie remove and dont wanna check other things you mention? i dont think u can play such game, and dayz not for guys like u…

Play the game for a month before u come here talking like you know how stuff works

I don’t get what you want. You think I’m a kid because I played DayZ in the early stages? In soviet russian logic applies you?
I quit playing the DayZ mod because its only a PVP-trollfest right now. The sub-games like DayZero are the same and Epoch is full of kids because they think it’s like minecraft with zombies. Maybe I buy the standalone but that’s gonna take a while. Like I said before, I really don’t get what you are trying to imply.

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That’s exactly the kind of prententious talk I was warned about. The moment I paid 20 euros for this game on steam is the moment I should be able to contribute my thoughts to the devs.
If not, then the devs should add a big note on the steam site of the game “Any kind of communication, support and contribution towards the development of this early access product is a privilege of self-proclaimed “veterans” and facepunch members.” I’ve been playing multiplayer video games for a very long time and this kinda “I’ve been in this game since alpha and you not, that makes you a “noob” and I am always right in a arguement with you”-talk makes me sick although I see it alot these days.

Rust enforses survival of the fittest! Killing other people makes you gain stuff, so stop acting like its a PVE minecraft server, get a gun and learn to shoot, getting tired of all the guys who bought rust on steam coming here wanting to change the game.

Did you even read my OP or are you just looking for a cheap reason to hit on new players in this game and try to look like an “oldfag”?
In case you just forgot your reading glasses, let me quote you something.
Also you don’t gain anything from killing naked new players, yet that’s 80% of the people that get shot “for teh lulz”

Why is shooting people from a tower not realistic?

You get them out of your area, which leaves more resources and loot for yourself. You don’t have to like it, but just because you don’t understand something it doesn’t mean there is no reason.

Why is having a rocket launcher ingame not realistic? In real life you can have one too. And flame throwers. And nukes. And bullet proof vests. And starship vessels.
If I wanted that and a capture-the-flag-objective I would have downloaded a fort-defense source mod.
Now if you show me how you make a 10 level high building just out of wood yourself I’ll give you half of my year salary.

You did make some valid points, the only thing that I think was more on the complaining side was when you started talking about people and their mics. But otherwise I mostly agree. Dynamic resource placement is being added, modern weapons will be impossible to craft in the future, and I hope that they do add a weight/mass system for the two different materials in the game. H
That would be great!

Ugh… I don’t want to get banned for flaming, but it’s so tempting.

The plan is to eventually replace all guns with makeshift versions (and maybe keep “modern” guns in as an extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely rare find)

Ah, I see. Sorry I didn’t realize that over my extremely mental disabilities that make it impossible to understand basic things. I bow down before your glorious fedora.
The thing is that after that the whole island is “area” of “everyone”. Maybe 10% of the players shoot other players because they are a threat. But I am very sure the the other 90 ones are just to annoy other players. They don’t just shoot at you because you are too near to their base, they and follow you even miles away from their base just to annoy you.
When they managed to shoot you they go “angry german kid”.
They camp on radiated item-spawning areas because they just wanna annoy players and feel like “le master trole”, not because it’s their “area”.

Give the guy a break, its his opinion. He mad some good suggestions.

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What about a mass system for building materials? So only those huge towers can be achieved by metal. Or just some limit on the height of wooden structures

I did give him a break. I asked a very simple question, that he apparently has no answer for, and he responded with nonsense and straw man arguments.

I like that very much.

i shoot the ones i see have a hatchet because they always have resources

Oh please, could you do me a favour and stop acting like a total smartass who “rethorical disempowers the other party because of his greater knowledge”
“Uh Strawman that will make me sound smart, that will teach him!”
I gave you an answer. Realism in what context?
If you say “it’s okay since it’s realistic, you can do it in real life too”
You can add all the things I named up as well.
I say it again, It’s just not possible on this planet to have one or two persons able to build gigantic buildings that are several levels high out of wood. Small huts and barricades, that’s something I can relate to.
But 10 level high buildings with a bunch naked cavemen that have high tier weapons?
Maybe if they weren’t cavemen, if they were space engineers with a gravity gun, then it would be reasonable.
inb4 so much logical fallacy hurrr

I’m not a caveman in the game. You may be roleplaying as one, but I’m not. The player does not know who they are or why they are on Rust Island, but the fact that AC-130s fly over and drop supplies every day would suggest that nobody is a caveman.

Caveman themed nudity.
Well, so it’s a fantasy game. If we go by that, lets add little dwarfes and replace player models with characters from my little pony magic is friendship, because, THE PLAYER DOES NOT KNOW WHO OR WHAT THEY ARE IN RUST, RIGHT?
What a way to justify things.

you are the smartass, you came here two days ago, you dont see, play and understand the game like we do. Come back when you know the map inside out and fully understand the whole game.