My experimental server won't show up in the server list! Why?

My ip is
My conclusion is that I was blacklisted or caught in a blacklisted range!
Why you do this Facepunch…why?

Did you portforward?

It is a 24/7 dedicated server. I pay for it monthly, so it kind of annoys me when it costs money to host something no one can join.

You give an IP without port, which makes it hard to connect to, to check the name, it’s much easier to check if you give the name of the server instead.

The IP you listed isn’t blacklisted, if it’s a server you have installed Rust on you need to make sure that your port and port+1 are opened (eg. 28015 and 28016)

Holmzy its not home hosted. I will check both ports, but this is insane

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I cant check my server ports because the server is located in Miami, Florida, so I guess the server list is fucked up

If you don’t have control over port forwarding on the server you need to deal with your server hosting for that.

Poeple can join via IP adress if I give it to them, so ports have to be open for even allowing access.

Only 28015 needs to be open for IP connections.

But if 28016 is not open, your server cannot communicate with the server list manager, and your server won’t be listed. Simple as that.

If you can’t control the port forwarding on your server to open up 28016, the problem is your hosting, not Rust’s server list.

What does the geographic location of your server have to do with checking your firewall? You need to open your game port plus one. Simple as that. Your firewall is misconfigured; contact your server provider if you don’t know how to correct this.

My ports used for connections are 28025 and 28026. So does that mean I somehow have to get my server provider to switch ports to 28015 and 28016?

It means he doesn’t immediately know how to change ports on a machine he can’t sit down and grab the mouse on.

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No, those ports are fine, as long as the server listen port (28025 in your case) and the listen port +1 (28026) are forwarded, that’s what the list needs. Holmzy explained this.

I’m not being pushy, I am asking question. No need to be a bitch about it. You are helpful so don’t ruin it by being a dick. No point in it. I am not used to server providing, so that’s where I learn from my mistakes. You aren’t even the smartest man on the planet when it comes to it, so don’t get all up in my face when I don’t know something because I ACTUALLY DO NOT KNOW IT AND NEED HELP.

On gameservers the ports are in the command line.

Here is my gameservers commandline for reference:

-batchmode +server.ip XXX.XX.XXX.XXX +server.port 28036 +server.seed XXXXX +server.worldsize XXXX +server.maxplayers XX +server.identity “XXXXXXX” +rcon.ip XXX.XX.XXX.XXX +rcon.port 28038 +rcon.password XXXXXXXXXXXX +query_port 28037 -nologs

As you can see there are 3 ports total. I’m assuming the query_port is the one used by the listing.

Edit: in Home/Config

Then talk to your server provider and tell them what you need help with. It’s a problem with Windows Firewall. I’d recommend not spacing your game and RCON port exactly one apart. Make your game port 28025, RCON 28035, and then open ports 28025, 28026, and 28035.

Wouldn’t change that without talking to the host though this is shared hosting, using other ports could interfere with other servers running on the same machine.

No, he said it’s a dedicated server. If it IS shared hosting, then he needs to take this up with his GSP; too many possible causes.

EDIT: Nobody should rent a standalone server until they know the basics of server management – like how to open ports on a firewall. This is how spam relays / botnets / rogue seed boxes / etc happen.

Well I sent a ticket in to saying that I need my ports 28025 and 28026 opened. I told them about my problem also, just in case they had a different solution.

Calm down. I didn’t call you “an incompetent baboon that’s too dumb to host servers” or something like that, I said that the server being in a colo means it’s not as simple as changing the setting in your own personal machine’s firewall and you don’t seem to know how to do it.

You’ve since then checked on the actual ports your server’s using, so obviously you were able to figure it out since you made that post, and I didn’t go back for more ragging on you or anything.

There is no need to fight.

Holmzy, is the Rust server list still limited to 200 entries? Because that’s often been the reason people can’t see their servers listed when it’s not a blacklist or port forwarding issue.

Both ports have to be opened, considering my 28026 port is for server connection. My RCON port on the other hand is 28028, and it works.