My f2 menu doesnt open so i cant change any of my settings

Hi i have never had this problem before. I started rust it was all working fine then i go to press my f2 to turn on some settings and it doesn’t open. I tried everything i checked the local, files the console, i searched everywhere for answers any suggestions?

On the initial launcher / resolution selection screen you can rebind it there most probably

Theres is no option to change it

Does F1 still open the console for you?
If not, sounds like you might have accidentally toggled your function-keys off on your keyboard. You should have an “F-Mode” button, or similar, on your keyboard. Press that and test anew.
My dog sleeps with her head on my nerd-piano from time to time and toggles it on me ;p

f1 does still open console i fixed it once but then it didnt work again so i tried restarting again and yet it still hasnt worked and my settings reset i need to fix it please help