my f4 f1 and tools menu wont open oin my dedicated server

nothing opens and whenever i try to click it it says like something about global vgui (a nil value) for jobs menu and keys and everything idk what to do to get the jobs menu and stuff working

I won’t go crazy but I hate when people talk like this. I don’t see any punctuation. Plus you didn’t ask a question.

The same thing happened to me. I never figured it out, ended up buying a server and it worked on there. The jobs would work untouched, but if I would just remove a letter in the description of a job this would happen. I also posted here:

The maker of DarkRP couldn’t help me, not like he’s any different because I’m sure he hasn’t run into the problem before. Everyone’s answer is always “Incorrect syntax”.

Sorry for the incorrect punctuation, I hope this works better for you. But anyway, where do you buy a server at?