My face

100% Gmod. No post editing. Background made from the energy ball effect from this pack
Make it big and zoom in with the cam to hide the edges of the ball. Gmod blur the edges nicely.

So it’s a picture of a woman looking down and to the left a bit?

It’s not that great really, certainly not worth its own thread atleast.

no offense(?) but your stuff looks the same, and is always the same thing.

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i mean almost two years later, and this picture and this one:

are very identical.

The one you linked to is heavily post edited. PS, Gimp and shit. This one is not. I fucked around for along time in Gmod before I got the desired effect.
You can make anything look decent with post editing if you know what you are doing. This pose did not rely on that.

also why does the “myface” girls hairstyle look like a penis?

its been bothering me

There are probably a hundred million images that could resemble this or that. Try not to follow that line of though.
If you do, how will you ever focus on what is in front of you?

PS! Knowing FP, that was a joke.

All of your pictures have that weird grey lighting/makeup faded-out effect, though.

That is what he’s talking about.
That is what makes every single picture you make look so boring and generic.

Could you, for a change, try lighting that doesn’t looks like it was taken in a rundown studio?

no one cares how long it took for you to do it or what process you did in doing it

if the final product is shit then the final product is shit

He used to do or probably still does, I might be remembering wrong. Sex poses in gmod, I think the faded out and make up effect is a left over from that. Since you dont need unboring and ungeneric in a pose where two people fuck.

Why use an effect for that background when the Construct has a perfectly good room that’s completely white on all sides?

im guessing its because source engine doesnt render whites very well, it comes off extremely aliased