My Facepunch reality


^1RageFace: lolwat
^1RageFace: “NO! I REFUSED! LET ME GO D:”
Demomjans: xD

Another one, Jeez.

Soon EVERYONE will have to make an interpretation of how “How noone looks at my pics :((((((”

He speaks the truth.

I like the style of these pictures though.

Can’t beat it… join them… or something like that :v:

you are father gregory? AWESOME :v:

Lol, good job.

My reality:

I’m ain’t in at least one “My fp reality” Thread. :suicide:

joke, dummies.

I think you captured the fate of many of us perfectly.

the bandwagon is passing fast here

It’s passin’ fast, and I ain’t gettin’ on it.

Failed attempt at humour

Your comment is retarded, it’s a fad, and you rated yourself agree.
Goldenbullet when will you grow up and get a life? Stop stalking my threads and commenting useless troll comments please.

This will not lead to derailment, so don’t botter replying to this comment GB.


The pic isn’t loading for me

Yeah, there’s no picture for Ubergamer’s eyes to feast upon. :saddowns:

he removed it…
and replaced it with this: :crying:

What are you guys on about?
I can still see the picture fine O.o

well i can’t

What the hell, ok let me reupload on some other side