My Facepunch Reality

Inspired by [thread=865769]this[/thread] and [thread=891672]this[/thread]
This makes me sad :sigh:

wtf is this, YOU SUCK

Bit late to the party there arn’tcha?

Well, i’ve thought of doing this for a very long time, but
I just never did it.

i don’t understand the concept of this. what’s the new guy doing? tying his shoes?

Just looking at the pic, but not commenting or anything.



Seriously guys. Stop whining about how nobody cares about your threads even though you tried so hard.

Losers always whine about giving their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

damn it,i knew it!
another bandwagon…

You’re a *teensy weensy *bit late there…

There now you got 5 dumbs.

Sad truth is sad.

I’m on Facepunch to share my work and learn from the high-skilled Gmodders and Photoshopers, here.

Nobody watchin’ my screenshots?! I just don’t care! :3

After making this thread, I kind of don’t care anymore.
Teached me a lesson.

I want to make a facepunch reality where I originally get little to no comments, then I make something gay and all of a sudden I have more views that vman or chesty.

If you want to further this lesson turn to page 302.

Or you can get my book.

The Optimistic Force.

Chesty was a nobody. So was vman.

Where can I get this book?

in my ass

Go west. The book lays in the San Francisco Alcatraz Prison.

Denzel Washington gave it to them for some damn reason.

I post my pictures because I want to show my work, not to be popular.

you get individuals that get depressed over reading a negatively-toned post in their threads. whoop?

God damnit caboose.

English moda fucka.

Some people are dumb.

Yeah I’m pretty dumb.