My fancy contest entry's

here are my contest entry’s

Fancy Bot 1.0

Every Gentleman must give up the monocle someday[sp]the flood will kill him[/sp]

I was trying to be original but I dont know really how much I was.

C&C please

Too much unused space on the first one, but THE BOT (like that - with big letters) looks good =))).

I think the second one has way too much unused space but I like the first one.

thanks, the unused space on the second one was supposed to show the water flowing into the base but I already entered them and looking at it now I could of gotten a better angle , but I guess the with out the tittle it looks dumb your right.

i think there bot good but what map is the second one in i know its a variant of 2fort possibly.

it’s actually arena lumberyard

whoa how?

its right outside on the right side of the blu spawn near the log that crosses the large gap area

Red robo for Blu engie?

First one has great “Haters Gonna Hate” potential

you lack attention to detail, should make a bot 2.0 but matching colors