My FastDL doesn't seem to work.

Allright guys heres the problem.
I have a gmod server, with FastDL set up in the server config.
But the content i added to FastDL doesn’t download automaticly when i enter the server.
I also have resources.lua added in lua\autorun, with all the resource.AddFile are in.
Here is my server.cfg

Please help me i have no clue what to do next.

Do you already have the content on your personal copy? If you do, it obviously won’t download to you. If you don’t, and other members don’t get the content as well, you need to post your resource file in [ code ] brackets so we can see your mistake.

Do you mean if i allready have the content in the server addons folder? Yes.
If you mean my main steam gmod? No.

The content shouldn’t be in your server’s addon folder. Your content should be distributed to the correct folder in the main Garrysmod/**** folder. For instance, if you have an addon called “horse” you will see garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\horse\materials\models\horse.vtf or whatever it’s called, you need to drag all of the folders inside of the “horse” folder, into the server’s main garrysmod\garrysmod folder. So the materials\models\horse.vtf folder will merge with your server’s main materials folder.

I have also done that allready, maybe i should delete all off the files and try it all ovet again.

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So your saying i should delete the addon from my servers addons folder. And extract the content of the addon to the FastDL?

Allright guys, i see that it is downloading the models now but the models still give errors.
This is what it says in the console.

What the floop is going on here?

I don’t think you’re ready to handle a server just yet. Do you have a dedicated home-hosted server, or are you renting from a provider?

I have a dedicated home-hosted server

Are you really putting the FastDL URL as xxxxxxx?

I edited the post.

I was running into this issue.
Problem was I forgot to actually install a web server, ie something to handle the HTTP requests.

If your server is running linux, make sure you have Apache2 installed and the FastDL directory setup as the web root.