My favorite Doctor Seuss propagana piece.

I’m not going to disgrace his work by trying to edit it.


Couple of notes.

-I used Breen because I needed faceposing and he looks similar to Doctor Seuss.
-It’s a scenebuild on flatgrass, very simple.
-Green Eggs or Ham?


I do not like green eggs and ham…

Needs more explosions.

And to be more cluttered.

And too look like a warzone.

I’ll put up the original if someone wants to change it but I can’t edit.

What about the one with that sneering japanese man?

Cool idea, but it feels empty…

You just had to bump this huh?

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, at least it’s not a 4 year bump.

…Other than those valid criticisms, it’s good enough.

Not worth the bump

You’re right The combine. Next time I bump a thread I’ll PM you and ask first.