My feedback after 7 days of Rust

Dear everyone,

I tried Rust, and I love it. As this is an alpha, I am sure that some feedback is appreciated. Maybe this feedback will end up in the void, maybe not, but I wanted to highlight some elements I think can be enhanced in the game.


Crafting in Rust is easy and straightforward. As a newcomer, I immediately got the ropes on the crafting aspect of the game. But after 7 days, I can say I found several tedious things that can be enhances. Basically, two:

1 - the craft items menu: the menu for crafting is a mess, stuff is not even alphabetically sorted, or are misplaced in categories. I think it can be enhanced by providing icons in this crafting menu.

2 - the craft delay when at a workbench. I get the idea of being slowed and vulnerable when crafting anything outdoor, but in the basement, when I have to wait 400 seconds for a craft to proceed, I can’t really move out of the workbench, and I better go AFK. How can a game force you to actually AFK? The crafting timer at the workbench should be removed, as crafting indoor and waiting for a craft to finish provides no real value add to the gameplay, and ends up being a boring feature with nearly zero positive impact on the game experience. In the end, I will have those items at no risk, and I will just have lost several minutes by doing strictly nothing.


I did not suffer a lot of grief from the players when doing buildings, as most servers I played on were correctly administered. But, there are two things that I think could greatly enhance the building process.

1 - Allow the mistakes: it is not possible that the person setting up a structure cannot remove othat same structure. Every player has the right for a mistake, and some mistakes can have devastating (financial) consequences. For example, it can be setting up a pillar at the wrong place (can happen if someone moves in front of you) or just discovering that you cannot connect a tile due to the shape of the ground. At last, it can be being griefed. Most server admins I saw provide help to remove some structures in player bases when asked nicely or for specific reasons, this tedious work could easily be lifted from their shoulders by allowing to remove or replace (hold E?) a freshly set up structure.

2 - Permit to put indoor markers or paintings. Indoors, the rooms and walls all look the same. It can be very difficult to know where to go when you are in a 1x1 room with 4 metal doors. This makes indoors structures monotonous, cold, and unfit to help players to orientate themselves.

3 - Find a cleaner way to allow people to escalate buildings. I am fine with the idea of people climbing a building to enter its side by the top, but the way it is done feels unnatural, and rather ugly. Yes, building stairs to assault a base is cool, but after the raid, that leaves several foundations and pillars which cannot be destroyed. To prevent, or make harder, a climbing to the roof, most players cautiously build buggy pillars structures on foundations outside their walls. This feels like a hijacking of the role of the pillar and foundations, and lead to build defensive walls of pillars rather than common spike walls. Search the mistake…


I do not consider myself a bad FPS player, as my usual K/D ratio on a random FPS would be between 1.15 and 1.5 depending of the feeling I have with the game. On Rust, the shooting part seems to have been voluntarily made harder. And I play with a crosshair on my screen, as it is a built-in feature of my Asus screen… Even with that tweak, shooting is hard. Why?

1 - First, because when you are zoomed out with any gun/pistol, if you slowly move your mouse, it does not move your screen. Instead, it moves the aiming cursor, but not the screen. It is made obvious if you use a laser sight. This could look like nothing but this means a lot, as it buffers the moment your head will start to move when moving mouse. In the end, your aiming is nearly random in that small circle of mouse buffer.

2 - Then, because of the noclip - aka you can walk through players. Melee fights with player running though each other. Really? Is that a troll? :slight_smile:

Rust++ found a convenient solution to permit people to ‘share’ stuff. Type /share “nickname” and all your doors are shared with a player. I think that could be the same with collisions between players ingame. Add a player as friend ingame, and he can noclip through you. All other players (potentially hostiles) will be dealt with proper and standard collision, meaning they (you) can block a door with a body, and have pleasant melee fights.

General atmosphere

1 - Wood piles: why having wood piles if you can harvest trees? It makes harvesting trees utterly useless. I vote for a removal of wood stack and better rewards for harvesting trees. Makes things that have sense keep sense.

2 - Map & Compass: you are given wood and paper, you are doomed to survived, and the first thing you do is buidling guns instead of a compass? And why not a map? People already use Google for that. Just build it in, stop the hypocrisy :slight_smile:

3 - Blood Bags & Blood Draw Kit: you get blood from farming animals, which makes the blood draw kit useless. Who can inject himself the blood of any bear? Come on, just remove the blood bags from being harvested on animals, so it puts the blood draw kit in action.

4 - Other crafts: basically, all I craft and I build for has the sole purpose to protect guns and weapons of mass destruction, as well as my hidden powder factory. When I play Rust, I have the feeling to be a dangerously mad coke dealer hidden in the back of the mountains of Colombia. Can we hope for more regarding what we craft and develop, or is it really all about guns and explosives?

My overall opinion

Not only do I recommend Rust to any player, but I strongly encourage its purchase! This game is promising, and in the hands of the current team, it will probably be a blast for 2014.

I keep my fingers crossed!

You won’t believe how many people already wrote what you wrote.

One more then :-/ Maybe some drops are new…

Nope, can’t spot any new idea.
But thanks for your feedback.