My few ideas.

  1. Change in building authorization. When you are in it’s radius without authorization you are still able to build, however everything costs much more, maybe like x10 of original cost or even more.
  2. Fastening decay, everything should last only for 7-10 days(less for wood, more for metal). In first 2-3 days it decays slowly than speeds up rapidly.
  3. Building plan should work as a building plan, it places just “ghost” parts that only you can see and after hitting this with hammer it becomes real. I hope you understand what I mean :smiley:
    It would allow to plan your whole level before building it and after it’s done you go higher. And I think people should be allowed to start from higher tier materials skipping cheap wood.
  4. Less guns in the game. C4, Assault rifle, Thompson and shotguns should not be craftable (not sure about waterpipe and revolver). You can just find them in barrels, cities and air drops. But still you can repair those weapons for a few times. Bring more melee weapons like plank with nails etc. Turn of running through each other to make fighting more interesting.
  5. Strengthening house parts by hitting it with hammer. For example when you place wood wall it has instantly 200 just like now. But by hitting it with hammer you can make it stronger up to let’s say 400. Every hit gives 10 more durability and costs the same amount of resources. So you must hit each part 20 times and it’d cost 200 more wood. Than stone 450-700, metal 750-900. Fortified could be even 1000-1500 but after 1250 it’d cost much more.
  1. the building authorization wont be changed soon I think, because it was just added so that the trolling of raiders got limited
  2. I disagree on that one … I like the idea of speeding up with the time … but it should be even slower than now in the start
  3. it was like that in the earlier version of new rust and they changed it to the actual building system so I doubt that It will come back
  4. don’t know if I like or dislike your idea … I’d like to see less firearms too … but instead of more meele, I’d like to see more handcraft ranged weapons like crossbows and so on
  5. jeah great another pain with the stupid hammer… because you would be forced to use this mechanism to be save … no thank you sir

surprisingly agree with most of this.

  1. is an interesting way to make cupboards viable.
  2. i don’t really agree with in a few ways. i think a fixed amount of damage is important, so you can predict the durability of the building. and i don’t think that twig/wood houses should last even 7 days without repairs.
  3. was how it originally was envisioned. ended up being frames, which were ghosted, then frames you could walk on which have become our current twig tier. hitting with a hammer to construct was seen as too much like a hammer sim.
  4. agreed on the modern guns/c4 being loot only. that rarity not only makes them a comodity, but also means player WOULD repair them instead of just making a new one and dumping the old one. i think they are putting in more low tech options now, which i am glad of.
  5. is actually the most interesting in that i haven’t seen it suggested yet, and it is probably the best possible use for the damn hammer. so building a wall gives it standard health, then hitting it with a hammer when it is on full health adds more materials on (like planks of wood over the logs etc) to add more protection, to a point. could be useful, but would require the original health and the improved health to both be balanced.

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