My file has been reported on

A file of mine has been reported, and I know it does not have viruses, so in the end it will return to normal state. How long do I have to wait before this happens?

Could you maybe provide us with a link to this reported file?

Of course I could, but doing so would not convince anybody that I am speaking the truth, possibly, It would make people trust me less. I don’t want to do something stupid… If it is absolutely neccassary i may give a link, but I just want my question to be answered.

Also, a friend of mine has 2 files reported… And that is all he had uploaded (before an hour ago)…

Would you have trusted me if I gave you a link?

Yes , you can trust us 100%

No, I mean, would you trust me?
Do you have any reasons for trusting me? I wouldn’t be totally sure if someone reported claimed he was speaking the truth…
I REALIZED NOW, you can test them, and tell everyone if it is virus or not… If you want to do so, I can give you the link.

Are you admin? Can you remove the reported sign?


No i am not a admin, i will give the all clear though if you let me look at it.

Ok, thanks for helping me:
No link here…

Please tell me if you find viruses…

There are no admins, and most of the reports are just small children who claimed your work as their own. Ignore it, and if it’s removed, re-upload it, simple!

Yeah, is filled with people who re-upload stuff they didn’t create and call it their own.

I never thought of it that way…

Maybe some retard thought it was warez but didn’t notice it was 1.32kb so couldn’t have the actual models in them.

Quite possibly sir.

My question is still not answered, how long do I have to wait?

Well actually to be ohnest you’re upload may never be cleared.

Can you explain or link us to the addon cause i see no link yet.

I had my first file reported too, it usually goes away by maybe a day… Yes, there are people who are pathetic enough to do all of that just for some downloads. :S

when a file is reported, is basically goes onto a list of files for someone to look through.

When the list is looked at, and if the file isn’t bad/stolen/a virus, it will be removed from the list.

If it is bad/stolen/a virus, it gets removed

My file got removed, does editing the info, without editing to tell it’s safe get it auto-deleted?
Also, should I reupload it?

Just re-upload it, the report function is abused like crazy. Editing the info doesn’t get it deleted, but it might be a good idea to mention that it is a safe file.

NO, It is NO good idea, because doing so will make them auto-delete the file, that was the reason I asked…

I think he means mentioning it is safe when you reupload it.