My final excursion in the art of Gmod video-making

Some of you may recognize bits and pieces of the footage in this video. Don’t worry, I’ve thrown in a lot of previously-unseen content into it; as this is a compilation of all the scenes I’ve managed to finish for this project. I have no plans of finishing it, so this is all you’re going to get. Why am I releasing these scenes now? Well it would be a shame to never let them be publically seen and judged accordingly.

Shit vid or not, that’s up to you. Farewell everyone!

It’s a nice story, nice plot, and very good use of sound effects. I wish the camera movements were better and smoother and more zoomed in though. It’s worth watching and has some nice jokes within the 20 minutes.

You should totally remake this with Source Film Maker to make it look really professional, you already have all the sounds and the plot, now if you were to rebuild the scenes, use sfm animation, and improve your camera angles you can make a really cool movie.

The maplestory slime is my favorite. TEAM SLIME!!!

Also what’s the map name for that downtown version?