My Final Request for the year: Transformers War for Cybertron models

In terms of Transformers models, it feels a bit lacking to see only the Movie-based models and not the 3D models based on the War for Cybertron characters(Which are closer to the G1 counterparts).

IF anyone is up for it, you can purchase the PC version of War for Cybertron(Recommended) and rip the models from there. I recommend Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream.

I know 2 models, optimus and another guy, if i can find the links i can give you your new years gift.

Optimus and some other guy

Took alook at the files in question. It was OP and Brawl. Though it did feel lose(Especially with the head), it’s a good start.

Now I gotta wait for someone to Gmod the evil Megatron and the Treacherous Starscream.

I dont think that’s happening soon though.

Sorry for bringing this old thing up, but this makes me wonder why hasn’t anyone tried porting other characters and weapons from the WFC/FOC games? Granted they’re robots that happen to have a certain size and flexibility, but is there more difficulty to this than any other model?