My fire is invisible

whenever i try to ignite soemthing or start any type of fire, the smoke is there but no orange fire. i get hurt, but its invisible? is there a file i need? can someone send me the file if thats the case? ty!


Don’t pirate gmod.


Reinstall it.

what do u mean by specs?

computer specs

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computer specs

o… sry brainfart
but what can i do to fix it? can i lower the quality/ detail levels of the game? will that help?

Go to your games list, right click TF2 and select properties. Then select “Set launch options”, in the box type “-dxlevel 90” (Without quotes) and click ok.
That should fix it.

what does it do? it didnt fix the problem but i was wondering if it was something i could apply to DOD CSS or hl2,