My first 2 Days of Rust....what an adventure..

Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed I ventured forth into the unknown!

Watching funny stand-offs with skinheads wielding rocks & Learning very quickly the tone of voice used by many that easily indicates:
“Oh yes, we ‘say’ we want food, but we really have a hidden shotgun and plan to use it on you”.

I very quickly began to mistrust people.
Though a few occasions I broke that ‘rule’, and ended up with a pickaxe dug deep into my back while I offered some food to a beggar.

Another time I had a guy run at me with a gun and say “Friendly”.
I fled to my nearby shack and closed the door.
He stood at the door saying “I’m friendly, I don’t want to hurt you I just want to know if you’re friendly.”

I reply with
“*Well, if you ARE indeed friendly, you will understand that you have a gun pointed at me. If you ARE indeed friendly, you will have no problem with walking away and going about your own business.”
After a short pause he replies with
Gtf out or I will break it down. I just want what is in your crate…

Although, I have found that Rust has more of a ‘Shoot First to save your own gear’ mentality a lot of the times.

This is a little bit sad because I am sure there have been a few people who would have preferred to make friends, but didn’t wish to lose their rare-found MP5 and Kevlar armour they procured from a random zombie backpack.

After suffering my first big gear-loss, Rust quickly turned me from a ‘friend seeker’, into a pull the trigger as soon as I see you whilst I cry "I’ve been hurt too many times before…" kind of guy…
…in a vain hope that they will understand my pain and suffering.

And thus I help perpetuate the cycle. And more and more people begin to fall prey to the darkness.

Soon, I enjoyed the game enough to get a RL friend to enjoy it with me.

After a frustrating hour or two where he had to learn to navigate to my location, (And the fact when I would ask what he see’s as a defining landmark all he can say is “uhh…a mountain and some trees…”) we finally met up, found a very nice location to set up shop, and began working on fortifying a base.

The structure we stole already had a few Large wood boxes, Furnace, Workbench, and campfire. So we snuck in, destroyed the sleeping bag within, then put up a door and called it* ‘Home’*.

We began building and resource-gathering asap.
My friend would slave away in the fields, while I got to sit there for 30 minutes at a time crafting materials and adding to our home.
After a hard days work we stuck up a metal door, and went to sleep.

Next morning, I awoke to find myself in a field. I quickly died and re spawned at camp to find that I was indeed back at home, but apparently while my friend stood inside, someone walked through our wall/door and 1-hit-killed my body, and my friend (who was awake)… with a rock.

He fled with our hard-earned supplies, but lucky for us, he left our sleeping bags intact.

It was at this moment, all the constant Chat complaints RE: Hackers, actually sunk deep into our hearts.

><>It is beyond my why anybody would play this type of game to hack. What fun is there? I ventured to a hack website to view what I was up against only to find that their selling points are often along the lines of
"Never lose that duel again! Always emerge victorious!!!".
Well, having to cheat to win is hardly a victory. I wouldn’t call a Champion Boxer a Champion if he got to bring a baseball bat to the fight.<<<

But I digress,

We decided to pick ourselves up, and continue gathering materials to prepare to fight back.

I had noticed that every time we ran the short distance from Home to our Gathering area, we would pass by a shack that was always lit up at night, with the occupant crying
“Hello, friendly?! Friendly!?!? Who’s out there!?!?!”

…Just in case we didn’t know it was occupied by the obvious rustling of footsteps and crackling of fires within.

One night we snuck over to one of this guys storage sheds with nothing but pickaxes and started breaking away at his door.
After what seemed like forever, we cracked in, and were surprised with the amount of loot this guy had in his crate.

All of a sudden, I hear the opening of a door nearby…

My friend is blasted away by a shotgun as I crouch inside waiting for my chance to run.

*“Breaking and Entering huh!?” *
Said the guy slyly as night became extremely dark…

I took my opportunity and fled to safety. Fish-hooking around to my house so as not to be followed.

We regained our composure and decided to hit the guy again one night where I realised “Hey, there’s no light on in that guy’s shack tonight…maybe he’s away or logged off?”

So we had another go, this time, breaking into the guys actual home-shack.
…His metal door didn’t save the fact that his shack was destroyable…

After what really did seem like a long time, my friend and I broke through the shack, and fell into a room full of boxes,a sleeping bag, and ‘one poor silly sod’ with whom we sent into the sweet afterlife as we took all his (many MANY) gathering supplies and laid waste to his sleeping bag.

Yes, we felt slightly guilty. But we are playing the game as it is intended. We didn’t break rules, and we had some fun.
Hell, it will happen to us one day (as has already many many times).

Within the hour the chat was flooded with a guy who complained about* ‘Hackers’* destroying his house and taking all his stuff etc. (it was the same guy)

(I don’t know where he got ‘Hackers’ from, as we clearly has to destroy everything to steal his belongings…)

He may have reported us and convinced others to, I’m not sure…

Regardless, we were on a blood-lust, and decided to venture out into the night to find other literal ‘Beacons’ to raid.

After finding a few luck blueprints and research kits, we were able to equip ourselves with MP5’s/Holo sight, Pickaxes, and half Kevlar half cloth armour.

We waited for nightfall, and then set out to search for a nice target.

We spotted a nice big and lit-up place in the distance by a mountainside, so we ran as fast as we could to beat the darkness.

As we got closer, we slowed our pace, and began to crouch.
…It became obvious there were 3-4 voices inside.

My friend panicked at the sheer number, but I remained confident that if we got the jump, we could assassinate 2 of them and turn the fight into our favour.

Night fell into it’s darkest moments…

My friend waited.

I snuck around the back side of the base (using one of the enemies torches to orientate myself)

These guys were quite talkative, so it was easy to determine that at least 2 of them would be outside their ‘palace’ while we snuck in.

The moon started shedding light and it got brighter…

Shots Fired!!

Somehow, my friend was spotted and the voices began to panic as they chased him away!

I remained vigilant and snuck closer and closer to the building.
Trying to muffle my steps as best I could.

I know 2 of them are chasing my friend…

I wait…
I see one guy run in front of me with his back turned to my position…

I look through my Holo Sightrattattatttatt!

I sprint over, loot an M4 and full Rad gear, then sprint like my life depended on it!!

My heart was racing, and I could feel my hands shaking. (Seriously, it was a rush!)

My friend wasn’t so lucky, and he fell after a time.
He lost 2 pieces of Kevlar and an M5/Ammo.

I made it back to the hideout, and quickly researched to craft an M4.

I deemed the raid a success as we were looking to find a weapon upgrade from our MP5’s, and my friends losses would have been meager to the people he died to.

We then built up our home with whatever supplies we had (so no Hacker could steal it) Then logged out for the night.

I won’t be able to play for 6 weeks or so, and I don’t expect to have a house to come back to.
Sure, my friend will manage the place while I am away, but I am sure hackers will have their fun.
Or it will be C4’d to bits.

But it’s all in good fun, and we had some laughs and we had some frustrations.
The feeling of not wanting to die because of how much you will lose, in my opinion, MAKES Rust a game fun. You don’t just rush in head-first and expect to live.
And if you die? Hours of work gone.

We are enjoying the game immensely.
(Ok, apart from the hackers)

Thanks for the game and all the hard work!
And if you red this far? I hope you enjoyed it!


I have read the whole thing, Nice story man, hope to see more stories from you in the future.

Nice story

I was like that after my first great steel :smile:

Thanks a lot for reading the whole thing :wink:

I’m sure I will have plenty of stories to tell in the future!
(This one was a bit rushed, but I was short on time)

great write-up, thanks :slight_smile:

Nice job man! It it quite the tell, but entertaining enough to read through the whole deal.
Keep it up…