My first 3 poses in GMOD.

So I got bored and decided to see if I can make good pictures in GMOD. It is my first 3 pictures and I’ve put alot of time into editing and making the poses. C&C and please be gentle on me.

This one is just in-game.

This is to try cig smoke effect. Had to be resized so it could be uploaded. Sorry.

This one is with blood, wounds, muzzle flash and gun smoke. Wounds look shitty, I know. Same problem as pic 2.

It isn’t too bad to be your first poses, but you could try to make them a little less stiff.

Key rule is to learn how to pose properly, how to use lights to your advantage and how to set up your angle so it makes you pose interesting before you try any kind of editing.

Your poses look rather unnatural. If you’re not sure how you should pose them, try to strike a pose in real life in front of the mirror to see how your limbs rotate as you pose yourself. It can give you some ideas how people put their weight on which foot in some situations.

Your angles are lighting are flat and boring and you should zoom in with your camera tool before you take the screenshot.

For a first pose the first picture is almost excellent, only ruined by what seems like ingame sharpen filter.
The second one has some akward posing with the guy handling the springfield. Overall good composition bit of zoom in walk out could have made these even better.

Great first poses.

Nice first poses! You seem to have a nice grip on the posing and fingerposing already, just try to refine it by looking close at the pose and comparing it to real life reference pictures so you can achieve a perfect pose(Or at least close to, sometimes models have a limit towards mobility).

About the editing is try and error, learning it takes some time, but there are some nice tutorials in the Top sticky thread you can learn some from.

If you didn’t know, hold right mouse button and then move your mouse forward or back to zoom and side to side to rotate the camera. The first two pretty much only need this. For the third you probably would have had to move to a different angle since I imagine there isn’t much space to move in that subway.

Still nice for a first timer.

Wounds look kind of like they are from TF2…
Nice firsts.

Sharpen = Not your friend