My first attempt at a Human Model

To learn how to make a head. It’s a bit all shady right now, odd rendering and some bugs on the right leg

For a first try? not bad. Rig it and it can be in a horror game!

Make sure you’re constantly back-and-forthing with a reference image. Right now it’s pretty much a rectangle with limbs.

Yeah you defiantly need to work on your topology and anatomy, like what biscuit said, get some references.

References definitely help. I’ll be redoing this model

This should be very helpful for you. Read it, practice it, read it again, edit your model, trash your (new) model, do it again, etc. etc. etc.

Even though it’s not the same program you’re using, it should be helpful still. You should go onto the Autodesk website in the Educational software for students section, say you’re homeschooled, and download 3ds Max.

Tip: dont model bodies from a square start from a cylinder 12 edges 8 segments
shape the torso, go from there.

Pyramid Head, meet your match: Box Head.

I don’t know why but I really like this.

When I read the title, I couldn’t wait to see what was inside!

It’s a face!videotutors/

maybe you wanna try looking at a few more tutorials?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Looking at the picture in the first post, and then that image of the face, I have to say, you are improving quite a lot in a short span of time.

All things considered, that face isn’t actually that bad. It’s very low-poly, but it has definition and shape. If you smoothed out the eyes, I would be able to tell without doubt that it is supposed to be a (chubby) human face.

I hope to see some more progress updates from you! You’re on your way. :slight_smile:

wow! i must say this is really good if its your first attempt for a human model! :slight_smile:
cause at first modeling is pretty hard to figure out with vertices, faces and ,normal’s so keep watchin
those tutorials and you’ll be making some really neat stuff! :smiley:

A bit derpy

Don’t know how to imbed youtube videos

Not bad for being a beginner. You should definitely check out the tutorial that NuggetWarmer posted. I think after finishing a few tutorials you’ll be much better. Also definitely get some reference images. Even if you’re just doing a cartoon-ish looking character, it helps a lot in keeping the proportions correct. Most importantly, If you’re unhappy with the way something looks, delete it and try again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve deleted entire models to start over.

Which software you using?

Blender, 2.49. I’ll use the latest version once I’ve gotten used to the GUI, but that old clunky Blender still holds a place in a my hands.