My First Attempt At Mapping.

:siren: Uploaded to toybox, look there for updates :siren:

I wanted to know what the community thinks of my first attempt at mapping. I’ve really only had 3 hours of mapping experience.
Also the map is Optimized as much as Source will allow.

Link above if you want to download, if their aren’t enough pictures.

Your rooms are very empty and bland. Try to add more detail and fill up a bit of that empty space. Also, you should add some window/door frames.

Also, try not to use bright white lighting like that.

the buildings look alright
its kinda empty
its got lighting
you do understand the basics of mapping
it looks not bad so far only a few things that look wierd

Thanks for the helpful criticism. Although the map was designed for the player to fill up the rooms themselves.

Sorry for the derail, where can i get that pistol reskin?

At least it’s not fullbright, THAT blocky, yellowish or THAT bad textured.

I’ll agree with Netheous, it’s not as bad as some mappers at this stage. But understandably it really needs some work. It is very empty. Although the player might be meant to decorate it, you should still detail it. The player can just remove prop_physics if they want an empty room.

Reasonably blocky, you need to add details which will make the rooms stand out, wether that be a fireplace or support columns around the walls or in the corners, you need window frames as well, glass doesn’t just stay there magically :v:

Large images? lol.

As for the map though, it’s really blocky, work on that, and add more props to make it not look so empty.

It looks a lot better than the most maps you see at

Why are you shooting in almost all the pictures?

He want to show that he’s manly man

pretty good

My viewmodel is messed up for the pistol.

Yea, I had to re-install gmod and delete all my files to get rid of the pistol for the camera.

Looks pretty good for a first timer. Just a friendly note, put some more props inside the buildings, other than that it’s pretty good. (Better than my first one:D)

:siren: Download the toybox version of this map before you post in the thread :siren:

Can not update thread due to using my Phone to make this post.