My First Attempt at Producing Good Screenshots

These are the first serious attempts at screenshots which I have done. Please be fair and give creative criticism =)
The 3rd one is my personal favourite!

Better than my first poses for sure, just watch out for the clipping on the ragdolls and try to make it smooth. Also, faceposing is really a must if your going to show the whole face. :buddy:

Give an expression on this one and fix the posing.

Ahh yes, forgot about that one. I’ve got it saved so I’ll improve on that one until I think it’s perfect

I can’t get over those Russian’s chimp faces.

The teeth…

Hahahah god dammit that guy in the first pic made me spray my coffee all over my screen… I hate you.

Okay, had a go at improving the ones which you guys said needed work. For the WWII one I think its just a bad model for faceposing…

I see a lack of editing on this one

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voilà. That’s better

Is that supposed to be a blood spray? Because if so that is a great use of the tree model and I love it.

Yeah, I didn’t have any models that cast a shadow which looks anything like a splatter so i had to settle for that lol

I…oh…so thats what that was.

Fix the arm on the Nick one and an angrier expression, not struggling. You’re already showing improvement, which is good.

Apparently Nick is fighting Medusa.