My first attempt on a wall texture.

So here is my first attempt making a simple wall texture. in some modern style.
Offcourse I can make textures, but I am actually good with decals but not these types of textures, so I am learning that now.

I used crazybump.

So what you think? And also what improvements I could add in future textures?

Looks nice, The colours are a bit weird IMO, but the actual texture it’s self looks good.

It’s like a wall for underground parking or something.

That’s very good.

Maybe make the blue and green look like it’s painted a bit better by maybe having a couple of sctratches/marks revealing plain brick.

Something like that. Good work :v:

It’s probably not a good idea to have black bricks in an undergroundcar park; it’s pretty dark down there anyway.

It would look bad when it is repeated

Make the top half white, not sure what it’ll look like but it might work quite nicely.