MY First Auto Piloted UAV

This Took me A few days to build. But i think its still a WIP, But I think Version 1 is complete! Now my Fellow Builders i am proud to present to you My UAV Drone Version 1 no E2 used. (I dont know how to use E2 to make my UAV better)+(I would like some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM):buddy:

My UAV Drone Version 1
[li]Flys In a Set Direction
[/li][li]Runs Off of 2 Greater than Chips and 2 Delays and 5 Wire Thrusters
[/li][li]Is Completely Stable in flight
[/li][li]Sadly Flys with Hoverballs ;(


UAV Turning

Thats It i hope you like it! :smiley:



I would love a adv. dupe, seeing as I’m really bad with Wire.

Also, maybe you could make it less boring? Like, changing materials, making chips invisible etc.

Maybe a video?

im sure it functions well, but… hoverballs?

how the hell can you play on a server that has players with names like

Oh and what Hunta said.

Or like “Beep Beep IMA Jeep”

cool stuff

I dunno, it just seems like an angle follower. Doesn’t do anything particularly interesting and flies with hoverballs.

Thats it i need help with it. I would like to make it fly without hoverballs but i dont know what to do. also i want to add missles.
Besides this is just verison 1

yep already posted there

uh oh
Be creative. Put a fin on it and base it’s angle on the the UAV’s pitch via gyro; to keep it straight when told to.
I use this to keep my planes straight by doing it for yaw also. So you can fly on your side.
Then simply add or subtract from that amount with the buttons you use to control that motion.

Its pretty plain, you should add more functionality to it like a mouse aimed camera that can call in predator missiles or something.

Maybe make it follow a preset path or something so its more useful as passive surveillance while your doing other shit. If you do something like that and work on looks you will have something fun and useful.

You know, I just remembered how I can help you with that. I could go into depth but I think an update screwed the whole system over. To this day I’m still trying to figure out why.
I have a “pre-fuck up” dupe that will tend to your needs and we could do a collab later if you haven’t already found someone on wiremod. You can add me anytime. Anytime but the 23-30 of June.
Btw I found a typo. It’s version.

add me on steam-