My first crysis2 posing

You’re gonna wanna use the “Copy Public Link” function for dropbox.

aren’t you see that ??

No, we aren’t see that.

really ?? i’m sorry.

no i arent see it. yus relly. it’s k.

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I see them now, and they’re cool, but the pasted on effects kinda ruin it for me. Look really out of place.

you’re gonna need some higher-resolution effects

and better lighting in the second one, the artificial desaturation and ugly contrast are a bit of an eyesore

I like the first one, but the effects kind of ruin it for me.

In the second one, it looks like the guy on the left is about to knock his friend over.

Those guys are pooping sparks.

Jesus Christ, those generic Google images embers at that low res hurt my eyes. ;~;