My first Css War pose!

Here is my first css pose.

Pretty good, but next time try to use something else than flatgrass. Try using the CSS maps or some custom ones.

Not all bad for a beginner. But learn finger posing. And as Carbon123 says. Flatgrass is a no no. Search for maps on

DOF on the second picture I see:)

This is a joke right?

A troll picture?

He/she could pose on Flatgrass, but just not on the concrete spawn area… :smile:

Yeah, some other people can create amazing scenes out of flatgrass. If you have the skill, or at least are able to make it less like flatgrass, then you are good.


BTW, the pheonix in the first picture looks kind of like :downs:
What’s up with his posing???

Mmm probably not, we all started at this level at one point.

Reminds me of my first pose:

you know, not every picture with posing that is not up to standard is a troll picture. we all started at this point before.