My first derma menu! What to improve?

I need ideas for improvements.

Try using different colors. The white text is difficult to read on top of the white surface of the panels.

The ‘Chat Box’ and ‘Crafting Shop’ test is really hard to read, maybe change that?

EDIT: Dammit, late

What color do you think would fit? I tried playing with it, all looks shit

I always think black with a highish alpha of between 180-230 looks nice in menu’s. Or you could go with a FlatUI look and play around with some of those colours?

Yeah found nothing good.

2 things only (Excluding other people said before)
If you’re gonna to make derma, build your own controls (Buttons and dmodelpanel borders) so it fits better with it
Avoid to use big rounded corners

What do you mean? Can you show an example?
Regardless the colors, what else?

This was my best vgui work, i created my custom buttons, frames, listview menus,etc
I haven’t coded everything, i just edited the function PANEL:Paint() and built my own schemes