My first entry in the machinima scene (feedback requested)

This is the first episode in a machinima series I’m currently working on. Any feedback would be appreciated. All of the work on the project was done by me with only creative input from a few friends. I was the sole puppeteer of the ragdolls. I did make some of the materials on my own as well. Really the only 2 addons I used were the L4D models and then the Catmull-Rom cameras near the end. Video was recorded with FRAPS and put together in Corel Video Studio.

Thanks for watching!

Nice editing, and good use of music. I enjoyed it, even if some scenes were a bit lengthy.

I find it impressive that you made most of this using just ragdolls. Nice job.

EDIT: I can’t find this catmull-rom thing. Could someone post a link?

Yeah i get ya there, I wanted it to be the whole length of the background song…perhaps on second thought that was not the best strategy. :slight_smile:


The editing was just beautiful. The only recommendation is to shorten the beginning sequence with the splash screen. The direction was also a bit jumbled, but good first effort.

Woah thanks for that. This tool is incredible.

It wasn’t pretty good as a frist “real” machinima.

Just the scenes were a bit… slow.

Noted. I don’t know if anyone noticed but that intro song is a spin on the death music from King’s Quest 2. One part funeral dirge and 1 part comical ditty.

That was pretty cool. You have some good techniques and it seems like you enjoy editing. You should definitely keep working in machinima!

Not half bad, keep going.

i like it, good work!.

That was AWESOME, I mean the humor at the end :), really good idea.

Well done! I loved it!

Nice use of the Joco song.

Awesome, really good job with the ragdolls!

Awesome, please do more.

Nice job buddy very nice…
Love to see more of this work in the machinima scene…

Awsome job! Keep it up!