My First Ever Screenshots (Im new to posing)

Hi I am EXTREMELY like EXTREMELY new to creating screenshots in GMod. These are the first 2 I ever made and it seems pretty fun so I’ll most likely keep making more and keep getting better and better at it. If anyone can tell me how to add a lot of effects to my pictures that’d be nice because I saw some amazing things on here. My computer is potato so the shots might look trash to you but, here they are.

I didnt realize I had to up the model detail to get finger posing to work on TF2 models until after I made it so the hands are COMPLETELY off.

On this one I was trying to represent Prop Hunt and ho crazy it looks with random objects running around and players chasing after them.

Hope you enjoyed and leave advice please, I’ll be sure to try and post on here some more if people like it.

EDIT: Stupid me didn’t know how uploading pictures worked :stuck_out_tongue:

Easiest method is to upload them to imgur and the link them back here inside [img] tags.

[ img] url here[/img ]

Your posing is incredibly awkward and your angle is uninteresting.

knowing WHY and HOW is what makes people improve and if they don’t know, it would be right to tell them instead of just leaving vague feedback like this.

The angle is super bland. I didn’t even know it was supposed to be prop hunt because nothing looks like it’s moving except one box.

Tighten up the focus, maybe tilt / rotate the camera for a more dynamic angle. Also, increase your settings before taking a screenshot. Higher resolutions and anti-aliasing make a good difference. I’d make a note on the posing of the actual soldiers, but I can’t see them enough. Also, your crowbar is pure white / broken.

The props need more signs of motion. Perhaps a post-edit of motionblur to help sell the idea.

Thanks for the feedback so far, and can anyone recommend any workshop addons to make the picture generally look better (like post processing addons)?

Photoshop perhaps. Or download ReShade post processing.