My first experience on DarkRP

So after I got perma-banned from Fearless RP and my first appeal for it got denied, I left it and will return in two months. I saw that the most popular server in all of Garry’s Mod was the Dark RP server “Noobonic Plague”. So I said “Well, seems pretty popular, let’s see if I can use this as a replacement for FL”.

I joined, and I found myself in the same map that FL uses: rp_evocity_v2d. I went to the gas station and found someone operating a bar. But there was one major fault:

People were RDM’ing the fuck out of eachother with no respect or remorse.

There was a Civil Protecion (I just call them Police Officers) and he was trying the easy way of “talking things out” with all the murderers.

I realised that people just CDM (car DM) freely and there aren’t many rules on that, RDM, or even NLR (New Life Rule) for that matter. Hell, you could revenge kill someone if you wanted to.

To be honest, I joined one Dark RP server which took place in a town. Boring as hell. Setting your own custom jobs without actually having any real purpose? Lame.

But I eventually found out that you could actually be a real job. So guess what I chose? Civil Protection. It was pretty cool, because in FL you had to nag the President to warrant people for arrests, but as a cop you can do excactly that. But they don’t have handguns? Only tazers. I tazed and arrested an Alyx since she was wanted, but then I had to go.

When I came back, I joined again and people were massively RDM’ing. Everyone had M4’s and AK’s and all I had was a tazer. I was even RDM’ed by another fellow Civil Protection! And then someone CDM’ed me in a jeep, then I warranted a stripped-combine guy (the white-skinned man with the combine trousers, I call him the Confirmed Minge) for an arrest for RDM’ing one of his kind, tried to arrest him, got owned by the M4 he had.

So, Dark RP in a nutshell: RDM/CDM mingefest with no rules. No actual RP’ing. People just running around and doing whatever they damn well please.

But what exactly do we need this for? I’d say it would be more fitting to post on ‘FL’ or NoobonicPlague or whatever all those RP communities are called instead of here because quite frankly, most of us don’t really care for DarkRP (or most RP) anymore.
Also DarkRP has been known for being a massive deathmatch game and not for RP’ing. It’s nothing new.

Well my first experience with darkrp was missing map.

My first experience was this bizarre saga on a semi-serious server that involved me being hired to kill the mayor, accidentally saving him from another hitman, and being hired as his bodyguard. The mayor promptly built a wooden stage in the centre of town and began a awards ceremony for me before I could figure out how to get him out of sight, during which a third assassin busted through the side of the stage and shot the mayor with a Desert Eagle.

Oh yeah.
My first experience on DarkRP was that I joined on on gm_construct, it had no rules, the jail was made out of props and anything else (buildings, shops) on the server too.

the main problem is you’re playing darkrp
do you honestly think anyone takes that seriously

He also played FL… Which is also Dark RP.

DarkRP is a very good gamemode, but only IF the server do it right.


FL uses a gamemode called CityRP, based on Cider.

And Cider is based off a leaked version of RP08 which is based off a version of Dark RP from 2007.

they’re all the same

Yup… All just Cops N’ Robbers.

I’ve never played a single good RP server. Anyway, it’s too barebones. If MOST of the interactions are imagination driven, I can fucking do that on the toilet. It needs to be more robust. The nature of garrysmod kind of derails roleplay before it gets up to speed.

Wtf is DarkRP
I was under the impression that the name of this Gamemode was DarkDM

Since everyone is just posting their first experience I’ll post it too I guess, This was when I just bought Gmod too.

Joined the server February 2011.
I went onto the ByB servers, Kind of doodling around. Everyone was friendly, No RDM’s except a few but every server has that. Well, I minged like a retard. Prop surfing, Prop blocking printers and all that crap. Meh, Got banned because of all that. And now, Here June 2012, I am trusted admin. How? I don’t know.