My First Functioning Transmission

So here is my first transmission.
It is a 4 speed controlled via Buttons for corresponding gears with weld latches.
The engine running it is a VERY crude radial* piston engine.
I know alot of you are going to look at my engine and freak out because I used rangers instead of e2.

Also note, that unlike most gmod transmissions, i tried to make this one still mechanically resemble an automotive manual transmission

The engine is attached to the transmission via Adv ball socket

Also I show them being unfrozen LOL i failed at that.

Input would be cool on mb what to put the Transmission in. or what you think. If people like it well enough I may release the adv dupe but you guys are soo good you probably could just make your own.

Couple things:
Those are definitely not the gears to use. Use these instead.
The engine is not a rotary engine, but rather a radial engine. You can read up on the differences on Wikipedia here and here.
E2 would definitely be an improvement on rangers, but since you aren’t asking very much out of the engine, you should be fine for now.

Keep up the good work! Just keep practicing and making your engines smaller and you could go far.

yeah i know rotary is like a mazda idk why i put that lol
and thanks for the comment I watch your engine vids alot lol.

Well, actually a rotary engine is like a LeRhone or Gnome engine. That’s not to say that a Wankel Rotary engine isn’t a rotary engine, but people often think that it’s the only kind of rotary engine, when in fact it’s one of the more recent types.