My First Garry's Mod Screenshot[s]

Please tell me what i could do better and what i did that was apealing. :slight_smile: thanks!




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internet explorer all the way

garry rated me dumb oh my

Honestly it’s not bad at all, but if I were you I would choose a slightly different camera angle to where there isn’t so much wasted space at the top of the picture, along with something other than the stereotypical facial expressions related to Garry’s Mod.

But other than that, good job

Here we go:
Don’t use Bigcity, just a bunch of boring blocky buildings.
Don’t use over exaggerated faceposing.
Try not to waste space, use the rule of thirds (look it up)
Watermarks are not necessary, if people do steal your work, fuck them. And if they are here, they will get the boot.
Use Super DoF instead of simple, simple leaves a nasty line in the picture.
It looks like you used the sharpen tool, this is generally a no unless in some special cases.

It is pretty good for a first. Just listen to other’s criticisms and I’m sure you will turn into quite the artist.

Thanks for all the Input! I’m going to be posing some more today, so ill be back soon.

I just put more screenshots up! Hope you guys like them!

you even put dates, amazing!

better than my first poses

Been such a long time since I posted new ones. To conserve space, I’ll be using this thread to post my lastest poses.

In a few days, ill have a ton more poses ready :slight_smile:

and don’t forgett the toy town effect, it’s so fucking ugly when people use it the wrong way, like this