My first Garry's Mod video

It’s not very good, but at least check it out and leave a comment, how I can make my videos better. Thanks in Advance!

It wasn’t that bad but it just basically did the same thing over and over again.

For a first, it’s not bad. A little advice though. Make sure next time you do “cl_drawhud 0” to remove the hud. The health meter takes away from it.

Also I personally hate when people slap “SUBSCRIBE” in their videos. You should make content people want to watch, not beg for subs.

Thanks for your feedback! I will follow your advice! :3

The syncing and the effects was actually spot on, boring subject for a first video yet still a great attempt. Try to make it more with a story line or just make a funny convo with tf2 characters ( voices are already made) and them doing stupid shit. Always good practice just to screw around with ragdolls and cameras.

I’m better on making Minecraft videos…

But I’m about to make something very-super-random on GMod xD

Actually, don’t do that. The majority of Facepunch doesn’t like that.

Haha, okay thanks for telling me that :slight_smile:

I will try on something else then, thanks.

The trollface ruined it for me.

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So did the “Dr Hax” part at the end.

Basic messing around fun in Gmod is the best kind of fun.


You mean like building random things and record that? Like Dasboschitt, making skits?